A June Sunrise

Some poems burst into the world so suddenly that they seem to write themselves. The words to this one poured out of me early this morning, as I sat drinking my first coffee, looking through the window at the thick clouds and remembering a recent sunrise that I felt so blessed to witness.

A June Sunrise

Dressed before dawn
For a morning meander,

Past bubbling hedgerows
And cottongrass pillows.

Down a moonlit track
To the shore and wrack,

Where the herons wait
And oystercatchers wade.

I wander barefoot
Upon wet and rippled sand,

Filling my pockets
With pebbles and cockles.

Daybreak enlivens the sky
Like a fiery dragon’s eye;

It’s glare bright and golden,
Turning the tide to molten.

Sun-kissed sea pinks
Glisten in the salty mist,

And banks ablaze with gorse
Shine like a thousand flaming suns.


~ It may need a little tweak in places but I’m happy with how it is for now ~

9 thoughts on “A June Sunrise

    1. Thank you Shweta, I think this one had been waiting to be written for so long it didn’t need much encouragement. I’ve seen so many beautiful sunrises since moving here but this is the first sunrise poem I’ve written.

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