Wisdom and Wonder

A man of eighty-seven,
tired of the same old view
did roll his eyeball down the lane
late one drizzly afternoon.
It rolled along in zig-zags
and jittery hiccups,
over loosened stones
and bumps in the ground.
It rolled and it rolled
down the long familiar lane,
untill at last
it reached a little puddle
where it bobbed about
like a boat without a sail,
making him wobble.
Looking up at whispy clouds
and leaves of rusty orange,
the eyeball in the puddle -
well, it was quickly spotted
by a boy of curious mind.
With fingers caked in mud
and a mother distracted
he plucked it from the water
and slipped it in his pocket,
dripping wet and sticking
to his snotty handkerchief.
The old man hobbled down;
the young boy sauntered up
meeting somewhere in the middle.
"Hey, Mister", said the boy,
"I found your eyeball".
"You keep it, dear lad".
"But don't you want it back?"
"No, for it cannot show me anything
that I've not already seen
a thousand times before".
"Oh, so why don't we swap?
Here, take one of mine".
And so, the old man
and the little boy
did swap an eyeball each
and saw two very different worlds,
of which they both did marvel
then went their separate ways,
in opposite directions
but not entirely unalike,
for they always saw
the same as each other
with their two pairs of identical eyes:
one eye saw with the wisdom of age,
and the other with the wonder of youth.

5 thoughts on “Wisdom and Wonder

  1. I loved this so much! Wonderful concept and execution. I often have the same thoughts, (though not with an eyeball), as I look at my grandson and think about how he sees things.

    Liked by 1 person

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