The Gifts We Can Give

I am the gift of compassionthat lives in that smile
you gave to a stranger,

Your kindness that bought him
a sandwich, and the hope
that he felt because you cared.


When I was at university there was a homeless man who I sometimes passed on my walk back to halls after my early morning job, cleaning at a Superdrug store in town. He’d be sat on a bench with his scruffy little dog. I’d stopped to chat to him a few times, about unimportant things like the weather or to fuss over his dog.

One day he seemed more fed up than usual. He didn’t look well so I popped into the newsagents and bought him a sandwich.

I like to think that the sandwich helped in more ways than the obvious but I never saw him again after that so I do not know.

5 thoughts on “The Gifts We Can Give

  1. ( ノ^ ω ^)ノ゚ You’re such a kind soul

    This reminds me of a late night when I met a homeless guy lying by the side of the alley. I went to help him up and he refused the help. He was drunk out of his mind and had a huge grin on his face. He said something along the lines, “You know what’s really nice in life, young man? When you fuck up astronomically and still have someone to tell you that it’s okay, that you’re still loved.”

    I just agreed with him.
    And I often find myself thinking about his words.

    Also, great poem (˵╹⌣╹˵)

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