Brave Boat

Brave boat,
when life is uncertain
and perils lay hidden
don't venture blindly through the mist:
be wise and lower your sails
because, dear boat
I promise
that soon the air will clear,
the sun will shine
and onwards you will journey
to that which your heart holds dear.


I watched the mist as it blanketed the island early this morning, beautifully thick and moist, and wrote this poem as I drank my coffee. By the time I’d typed it up and walked to the sea the mist had just started to clear but a heaviness lingered and droplets still hung on the grass. I’m home now and the mist is thickening again. I almost dashed back down to the sea in the hope of capturing a more misted photo but then I got hungry and decided I’d be better off making breakfast. Nothing beats mashed avocado on toast!

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