A Flower For Every Love

If love be all the flowers on the planet,
I wonder which would have your heart?
There must be one amongst them all
that's a perfect match for everyone.
Would you lose it first to Lilac?
Or delightful Daisy?
Might you fall for the heady scent
of Jasmine in the early morning dew?
- there's a reason why they call her
an aphrodisiac, you know!
Or a respectful Chrysanthemum,
strong and full of honour.
I suppose the sunny sweetness of Primrose
might melt your heart a little.
Or would a tall and slender orchid
catch your eye instead?
Perhaps you're more romantic
and likely charmed by a rose volumptous?
But could you really take her home
to meet your prim and proper mother?
Or, are you so keen to settle
that you'd court a dull and boring Tulip?
I wonder, wouldn't you fancy more
a marvellously scented Lily Of The Valley?
Or might thee be a hero at heart
and rescue a Milkmaid adrift in a meadow?
Watch you don't end up in fairyland though!
It is quite possible you'd choose a nameless
whisp of a thing that grows so slow
beside the road that others rarely notice.
Of beautiful Buttercup, I am uncertain:
would she bring good fortune
or fool a greedy man
with all her dazzling promises
of gold in pure abundance?
Would you get all tangled up
and trapped in sickly scented honeysuckle
that clings and wraps around old walls?
If I was a betting man
I'd wager that you lost your heart
so long ago to Bird of Paradise,
and if I knew you better still
I'd tell you, take good care of her.
Or, are you lusting after Passion Flower
- isn't she exotic and unusual?
Or, would you rather
dance with Dandelions,
flirt with leggy Irises,
laugh with darling Freesia?
With so many different flowers
there's one that's meant for each of us.
You could play all day
with sporty Hyacinth,
marvel at the beauty of Sweet Pea,
go all philosophical
with wise and purple Aster,
care for thoughtful Poppy,
whistle a daring tune
to mighty vicious Thistle
or start anew with doting Daffodil.
What about a winter love
with hopeful Snowdrop?
If nothing really goes your way
then find yourself
some Highland Heather
of the white variety,
for the luckiest of partners are they.
I must suggest you avoid a few
like petulant Petunia,
sulky, ill-tempered black Rose,
sorry Carnations of yellow
and boastful Hydrangeas.
Give Foxglove a miss too
for she is terribly insecure.
Then there's calming Chamomile
and bell shaped Morning Glory:
guaranteed to make you smile
but don't dare date
them both at once!
If you like a challenge
then I advocate
the delicate yet complex
Queen Anne's Lace.
Or, if it is something more mystical
your heart desires, I recommend
you woo a silver Moonflower,
enchantress of moths and bats.
If light and gentle is what you need
then you can't go wrong with
a sprinkling of Cherry Blossom.
Or, if you've got a fondness
for something a little different
dreamy Violet could be right for you.
Mind you don't fall under the spell
of poison Hemlock:
it might give witches flight
but it's lethal to you and I.
Trust your heart to Sunflower
who is always faithful and loyal,
elope with bashful Peony
or fall in love with Lavender
but should you wish to find a love
that's never-ending then be a darling
and choose the charismatic Ylang-ylang.

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