A Patchwork Umbrella

Some time ago there was a girl
who often felt just like a clown,
wearing paint that made her smile
and a fringe that hid her frown
but whenever she was lost or down
she'd raise her head and search the skies
for all the happy clouds that she could find:
the puffs of pink, the fluffy oranges,
soft and lacy lilacs, metals and opals,
all the blues and greens and yellows,
and when at last she'd found
a cloth of cloud of every colour
she stitched them all together
to make a patchwork umbrella
which opened wide and kept her dry
whenever the skies began to cry.


~ Somewhere inside me I believe that if you look for colourful clouds amongst the grey ones you’ll soon have enough to protect you from the sadness of darker days ~

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