Social Anxiety

Girl, you had a go at being social
even though you didn't want to,
when you knew that it would suck
and you'd rather curl up with a book.

Everyone else was entertained
and you couldn't quite explain it
but as they all laughed and danced
you felt as though you couldn't chance it.

When all the people overwhelm
with so much talk you just can't listen,
when a place is way too busy
(with one or a thousand and one)
and your brain cells go a little dizzy,
when you feel the anxious crush
inside your heart, that sickening flush,
you wish you could escape the people
as you're sucked inside a whirlpool
of lights that glow too bright
and sounds that cause a fright
and you can't tell if it's you or the room
that lurches around towards this doom:
a hot and sweaty panic
rising as you sink,
you try to smile through it all,
holding on but still you fall
spinning closer to your death,
can't catch a breath
or light a flare.


When you feel this way
- whenever you feel this way,
it's always okay, my friend
to simply leave and walk away.

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