A Welsh Poet Living On A Tiny Scottish Island

• Nature Lover • Quirky Introvert • Deep Thinker • Always Curious •

The Panorama, North Wales

I grew up in North Wales then moved across the border to Cheshire, where I lived for several years before moving to a tiny island on the West coast of Scotland. Myself, my partner, our then ten year old son and our cat left a very busy town for a peaceful life surrounded by the sea and very little else.


There are so many things that I love about living here such as, having the beach all to myself, watching amazing sunrises, feeling safe, being more connected to nature, the sea and fresh air.

One of my favourite places to sit and ponder.

I’ve spent so many happy hours exploring the island, observing how it changes through the seasons and finding inspiration for my art and writing. Creativity has always been my preferred way of expressing myself but I only really became an artist when I moved here. There’s something about this place that drives me to be more curious, that feeds my passion and encourages my creativity, be it through embroidery, photography, writing, printmaking, painting or rock balancing. For me, all art is healing and part of a creative journey where there is no real beginning and no end.

My first poetry book is now available to buy. Other Realms is my debut poetry collection. A charmingly original selection of memorable and relatable poems that take you on a captivating journey through nature, exploring her seasons and her creatures, love and transformation, mysteries and hidden realms.

Other Realms

Other Realms is available to buy on amazon worldwide.

Other Realms

This isn’t going to be an in depth ‘all about me’ read because I don’t want to bore you. My life is not very exciting but I’m completely fine with that.

I’ll just tell you that I’m Welsh but I can’t speak it, I’m half deaf, I have a degree in psychology and Sociology, I used to work for myself cleaning people’s houses and making candles before moving to this very small Scottish island, but I don’t work at the moment because I’m a bit unwell with Fibromyalgia and I’m home educating my son, I recently fell in love with lino printing and I sometimes embroider, I’m learning to crochet because knitting triggers a migraine, I’m very shy and socially anxious, I write poetry, I prefer books and nature to people, I have psoriasis, I can’t multitask, I shaved my head during lockdown and now I’m trying to grow it, I love wearing my yellow raincoat, in summer my favourite season is Autumn and in winter my favourite season is Spring, if you put your finger in my belly button I’ll be sick, I don’t play any musical instruments but I can juggle and I eat too much chocolate, I love walking and I miss the mountains.

Made by my Mum
I love the sea.
I made a tiny book about a ghost.
I collect too many shells so I often return them to the sea.

10 thoughts on “About

  1. Loved reading your bio, you are so frank, a breath of fresh air – I too am Welsh and still live in North Wales – where you live now looks beautiful. PS I also hate my belly button being touched maybe it’s a Welsh thing 🙂

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    1. Hello from sunny Scotland 👋 I love living on the island but I really do miss the mountains of home. I grew up near Llangollen and my Mum and sisters still live around there. It’s always lovely to spend a few days exploring whenever I visit. The belly button thing is a weird one, so it probably is a Welsh thing! 😄

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  2. I live in West Wales, but used to live in Yesnaby. I feel we might have things in common, some in any case (wanting to hold onto the sparkle… 🎇) and so I look forward to reading your blog posts.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi 👋 It’s nice to meet you. I don’t think I’ve ever been to Yesnaby but Wales is beautiful and I miss it quite a lot. I believe that sparkle is always there but you’ve got to be open to seeing it 💚


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